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  1. Was___Bill, ___played the piano very well, ___helped the blind man out?

  A. he, who, that B. it, that, that

  C. it, who, who D. he, that, who

  2. In area it is about the same size as the USA(without Alaska), which has ___.

  A. three times more than as many people

  B. as more than three times many people

  C. more than as three times many people

  D. more than three times as many people

  3. New ideas sometimes have to wait a long time ___.

  A. before fully accepted

  B. before being fully accepted

  C. till are fully accepted

  D. until being fully accepted

  4. ―The work will take me another week. I’m really tired.

  ―I think you ___ as well consult an experienced worker.

  A.may B.can C.need D.must

  5. Your speech given at the meeting, ______ everyone is taking into careful consideration, means much to us all.

  A. where B. what C. as D. which

  6. ______ twice a year, whether it is a car or a bus or a truck, is the rule that every driver must obey in this city.

  A. Examining B. Examined

  C. Being examined D. Having been examined

  7.By the year she arrives in London, scientists probably ____ a cure for bird flue.

  A. will be discovering B. are discovering

  C. will have discovered D. have discovered

  8. --- Mom, I can’t see any point in working hard at all the subjects at school.

  --- Come on, dear. Years of hard work will surely _____ in the future of your career.

  A. make sure B. pay off C. bring back D. pay back

  9. They notice that plants don’t grow well _______ is much shade.

  A. where B. which C. where there D. there

  10. ________ it is to jump into the river to swim in summer!

  A. What a fun B. What fun C. How fun D. How funny

  11. ---- I heard Backstreet Boys would sing at the New Theater.

  ---- Where did you _______?

  A. pick that up B. put that up

  C. make that up D. take that up

  12. I came 三分28 very late last night, ___, early this morning.

  A. at the latest B. on the whole

  C. in a word D. or rather

  13. Life is like sport, ___I mean it’s a hard competitive business.

  A. in which B. by which C. for which D. of which

  14.―I was wondering whether perhaps you could remember the name of the place.

  ―I’m afraid that ___me for the moment.

  A. reminds B. puzzles C. disturbs D. escapes

  15.―Were all the three people in the car injured in the accident?

  ―No,___ only the two passengers who got hurt.

  A. it was B. there was C. there were D. there had

  16. The exercise is not ___difficult but just needs care an d patience.

  A. by itself B. of itself C. in itself D. for itself

  17.―Is there any particular soup you would like to have?

  ―___you select is all right with me.

  A. Whatever B. Anyone C. No matter what D. Whichever

  18. He narrowly missed being seriously hurt, if not______, by the explosion.

  A. killed B. being killed C. be killed D. to be killed

  19. Few people paid full attention to their health conditions _____ they were seriously ill.

  A. when B. if C. until D. before

  20. The door an d the windows were all closed an d there was no ______ of forced entry.

  A. scene B. show C. sign D. sight

  21. ―What did you think of _____ president?

  ―I didn’t care for him at first, but after ______ time I got to like him.

  A. the, a B. /, the C. the, the D. /, a

  22. ―I can’t find Mr Smith. Where did you meet him this morning?

  ―It was in the hotel _____ he stayed.

  A. that B. where C. which D. the one

  23. Mr an d Mrs Scot prefer a restaurant in a small town to _____ in so large a city as New York.

  A. that B. the one C. one D. it

  24. Written in a hurry, ______. How can it be satisfactory?

  A. They found many mistakes in the report

  B. Sam made lots of mistakes in the report

  C. There are many mistakes in the report

  D. The report is full of mistakes

  25. ―Are you free after school?

  ―Sorry, I’ve planned to treat a friend of mine to dinner ___ for help.

  A. in order B. in return C. in turn D. in honor

  26. The soldiers soon reached ___was once an old temple ___the villagers used as a school.

  A. what , where B. what , which

  C. where , which D. what , where